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About Us
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Relatively young charity totally supported by volunteers.
We meet monthly (1st Sunday) at St. Piran�s School, Maidenhead.

What do we do? 

We organize 12 Themed Events every year. Each event has a cultural element ,social activity and lunch.
We provide a common platform for Hindus to celebrate their main festivals.
We promote understanding of Hinduism and its values.We are a collective voice for Hindus in the local community and have interfaith representation.

Working commitee

Mr. Mohan Malhotra (President)
Mrs. Seema Sharma
Mr. Padam Kashyap
Mrs. Prem Chandar
Mrs. Anita Gossain
Mrs. Ranjana Bhogal
Mr. Kailash Ratti
Mr. Rakesh Vedhara
Mrs.Shashi Vij
Mr. Rajinder Sharma

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